Talking about MMS…

…”please understand: THERE ARE NO CURES OR MIRACLES. When someone offers you a cure or a miracle, WALK AWAY. “


The text below was written by a girl I admire, Sandra Lopez. She is studying medicine, is autistic, and has to hear a myriad of comments and advice from “well-intentioned” people, as she explains below. The “Mineral Miracle Solution” or MMS she mentions is a “cure” for autism (and a ton of illnesses and conditions). MMS is chlorine dioxide, and its use can result in death. Its use is forbidden, and this naturally has given rise to a group that believes in an international conspiracy to prevent people from getting “cured.” Another “treatment” Sandra mentions is DAN, which is also forbidden. Many believers interact in social media, and give each other advice, share stories about a loved one being “cured,” and, of course, they sell it.


Sandra writes:

Talking about MMS: there is something that worries me more, and that will ALWAYS be the perfect excuse for these quacks to win: the lack of acceptance shown by the family of the diagnosed person, and the lack of respect toward people with a diagnosis.

For many years now, I have received messages from parents telling me how much I can “improve” if I follow a gluten and casein free diet (without me having any intolerance toward either, as I’ve been able to determine with medical tests), the DAN protocol or MMS. And so many crazy things they can think about… throughout the years, my patience has been reduced to zero.

I still read about parents who say they love and adore their child (and I am sure some do; others… I’m not so sure) but who, if autism had a cure, and someone would guarantee them a “recovery,” would do everything they could to pay for it and “cure” their child. That is a half-hearted acceptance. And I’ve heard from other people on the spectrum who have expressed something similar.

Autism, with its implications, is not easy (as I’ve said countless times). More so, in a society where EVERTHING is based by and for neurotypicals (or that believe they are neurotypical). But, please understand: THERE ARE NO CURES OR MIRACLES. When someone offers you a cure or a miracle, WALK AWAY. It is not good for us. And no, NOT EVERYTHING IS ACCEPTABLE IN AUTISM.

Many articles have been written in the last several years about the consequences of this type of treatment. Cases where people died, suffered an intoxication, or irreversible metabolic complications. But, or course, the people who sell them keep winning and increasing the number of their followers, who believe anything they say, without questioning. Just like it happens with the anti-vaccines movement.

And the irony… this paranoia about “big pharma business”… please. Selling miracle therapies is a GREAT BUSINESS. If you don’t believe me, check how much it costs to follow those protocols. People who sell them are not good Samaritans.

I get it; all parents have a thousand expectations about their children. And then we arrive, carrying a diagnosis, and ruin their plans. The idea that a cure exists, and having someone offer the opportunity to “cure” us, is tempting. But think about us. We are here, and the last thing we need is for our own family to reject us, under the disguise of “wanting to see us get better.”

No, not everything is acceptable in autism. It is not acceptable for a child to die or suffer complications because of these therapies, or because their parents refuse to vaccinate them, as they’re scared of a diagnosis.

What we do need, instead of “recovery,” is to be given tools and support. But as long as you don’t accept your child and work with the child you have, BELIEVE ME, these autism quacks will keep gaining ground, becoming rich at the expense of our health, and will keep making life difficult to us…


Originally published July 28th, 2018, in Spanish.

Author: Florencia Ardon

I'm the mom of two amazing neurodivergent children, and have been married to a great guy, their dad, for over a decade and a half. I work at a university as a student advisor, and love reading and hiking. /// Soy madre de dos niños increíbles, neurodivergentes, esposa desde hace más de una década. Soy asesora de estudiantes en una universidad. Me encanta leer y caminar.

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